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Welcome to My Beloved Women's Ministry

We are a Branch of The Felecia Killings Foundation

At The Felecia Killings Foundation, we know how vital women are to the Kingdom of God. 

We understand their role and position, and we empower them to function fully in their grace so their lives are changed for the better.

But often times, women encounter traumatic hardships that destroy their confidence, self-worth, and future calling. From domestic-violent relationships to sexual assaults, some women struggle to rebuild their lives once they've been violated.

This is not God's purpose for His daughters.

Therefore, at The Foundation, we purpose to help these women transform from the inside out. We empower them to blossom in their calling as they build social, political, and economic empires in this new decade because women are important to the Kingdom.

My Beloved Women's Ministry is a branch of The Foundation's overall virtual work. 

Since 2019, our platform and our Founder's message have reached 25,000,000 people online.

And through this network, Felecia helps women bring their stories and message to the masses. 

Our mission is to deliver spiritual insight and practical development that release healing, deliverance, and economic opportunities to our members.  

As a member of our Ministry and Network, we teach women:

  • How to fight for their healing while possessing it for a lifetime
  • How to know the Holy Spirit intimately so He empowers them for great success
  • How to build an online business that reshapes their economic potential
  • How to build a virtual ministry using their story
  • How to reach millions with their message
  • How to turn their scandalous story into a ministry of deliverance
  • How to leverage the virtual space to build new careers
  • How to launch a political platform and career
  • How to become a nationally-recognized self-published author
  • How to become a full-time blogger or podcaster
  • How to build healthy marriages
  • How to thrive as co-parents and single mothers
  • And so much more!

Award-Winning Coach and Motivational Speaker, Felecia Killings, delivers daily My Beloved LIFE Coaching Sessions™ inside this Ministry to premium members (see below for more details).

And we are confident you will find her training to be the answer to your prayers.

Felecia has always been an award-winning coach. She taught me to stand up in my truth and to be okay with it. She didn't judge me. I will never forget the love and nurture that she extended to me over the years. All that she taught me is what I do in my business/ministry, sharing the same love to others to seek all that God has intended for them, according to His purpose.

- Tschanna Taylor, Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Sample One of Our LIFE Coaching Sessions Today

How to Claim Your Healing and Maintain It for a Lifetime: 5 Core Principles to Get You Started


Our Vision and Mission

As a nationally-recognized virtual ministry, The Felecia Killings Foundation seeks to empower 1,000,000 women over the next 10 years.

As a member, each woman will emerge as a rising leader, active community leader, virtual ministry leader, author, podcaster, blogger, or skilled virtual career worker in this space.

Our economic development and spiritual instruction are tailored to help women like you enhance as wives, mothers, daughters, social pillars, and principled political voices.

How to Join Our Ministry and My Beloved LIFE Coaching Sessions™

Becoming a Premium Member of Our National Virtual Ministry is Easy!

If you, Beloved, or someone you know wants to join our virtual ministry, subscribing to our daily empowerment is easy.

Here's how to get started:

Select from one of three membership tiers to gain access to our empowering ministry. Your monthly contributions to The Foundation now include more opportunities for you to be blessed as we become a blessing to other women in need.

  1. You can receive our Bronze Membership for a small donation of $25/month. This offer includes unlimited access to Felecia's empowering blog posts + exclusive LIFE coaching sessions inside our women's network, published Monday - Saturday at 12:00 PM EST. (Tap here to subscribe to your Bronze Membership.)
  2. Or you can receive our Gold Membership for a donation of $50/month. This offer includes unlimited access to Felecia's empowering blog posts, LIFE coaching sessions + a partial scholarship award to enroll in LiyahAmore University. (Tap here to subscribe to your Gold Membership.)
  3. Or you can receive our Platinum Membership for a donation of $100/month. This offer includes unlimited access to Felecia's empowering blog posts, LIFE coaching sessions, a partial scholarship award to enroll in LiyahAmore University AND a subscription box blessing to be sent to your home each month. (Tap here to subscribe to your Platinum Membership.)
  4. Once you have subscribed to your chosen membership, click the "Request to Join" button on our Ministry's Homepage. You will be redirected to our application page, which asks you to create a profile and to answer questions about yourself.
  5. Finally, receive your acceptance email. Within 2 hours, our Moderators will review your application. Upon donation submission and application overview, a new email will be sent to your inbox, inviting you to sign into the Ministry. Once inside, explore our Welcome Packet, connect with members in your local area, and get ready for daily empowerment.

There's More!

Upon joining as a member, you will also receive:

  1. Access to our content library of curated articles, videos, and podcasts from today's brilliant female minds
  2. And access to a community of like-minded women who have a desire to build social, political, and economic empires in this new decade

How We Put Your Monthly Donations to Work

My Beloved Women's Ministry is Committed to Empowering Single Mothers via Our Communal Living Program, KillingsVille

Each month, we bless single mothers in our Network with funds for groceries. In addition, we provide them communal support, economic group coaching, and spiritual development through our communal living initiative.

Your monthly contributions make it possible for us to service low-income single mothers in ways our government cannot provide.

And as fellow Kingdom citizens, we want to be a light that shines in the darkness.

About KillingsVille, Our Communal Living Model & Why This Empowers Single Mothers Today

Communal living is an intentional lifestyle that promotes healthy, empowering living arrangements for like-minded people.

It provides our mother-clients opportunities to build togetherness, freedom, and security.

Communal living often solves social, physical, and financial problems that cause many to become stressed and ill.

The business model presents healthier, happier methods that alleviate life-altering, transitional periods (divorce, single motherhood).

Communal living helps people create new friendships, familial relationships, and professional connections in ways traditional living cannot.

By establishing a community based on certain principles and values, communal living participants can thrive in less time than it takes for folks who live alone.

And that's the experience KillingsVille brings to single mothers who want to rebuild after dealing with traumatic situations.

KillingsVille solves the problems single mothers encounter when attempting to empower their lives and that of their children.

  • We provide single mothers and their children a safe environment where they rent 1 private quarter in a beautiful 5-bedroom house
  • We provide women a supportive network where they are surrounded by like-minded women
  • We provide a business community where women receive professional development training via our weekly workshops
  • We provide women the opportunity to build wealth by offsetting the costs of high rent and other living expenses
  • We provide women the chance to experience a higher quality of life, one they can share directly with their children
  • And we provide such women the opportunity to start and grow their online businesses using our award-winning program, LiyahAmore University, which has empowered women since 2016

Open enrollment into our program occurs every October, and we are set to empower 25 single mothers for the 2021-2022 year.

In 2021, The Felecia Killings Foundation will contribute $100,000 towards this initiative, thanks to our Beloved Givers and Premium Ministry Members like you.

Funds for the work will immediately go towards:

  • Securing 5 houses for the single moms who will enter our affordable living program
  • Securing office space to headquarter The Foundation in Atlanta, GA
  • Sending an additional $100-$200/month for groceries to 25 single mother for 12 months

"Thank you all again for your donations. I don't know how I would've gotten back and forth to the medical center without it." - Amberly

Praise God for this!! I was just sitting here thinking how I was going to make it this week until payday!! Thank you so much!! God bless you!! - Tasha McLemore

To learn more about our story and how we are using our influence in the conservative political space, see our latest feature in Red State: "Black Conservative Leader Launches New Initiative to Benefit Single Mothers."

Become a Member of My Beloved Women's Ministry Today!

It's easy to get started.

  1. Submit your first monthly donation and become a Bronze, Gold, or Platinum Member today.
  2. Submit your request to join our Ministry using the link on our homepage.
  3. Accept our invite to join.
  4. And get connected to women who are learning to flourish in their ministry, motherhood, career & marriage.

We look forward to seeing you inside, Beloved!

About Our Founder and CEO of My Beloved Women's Ministry

Felecia Killings is an Award-Winning Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Book Publishing Specialist, and Communications Consultant for Conservative Black Outreach. Since 2011, she has worked with new and aspiring authors, helping them bring their stories and expertise to the world. As a Communications Consultant for Conservative Black Outreach, Felecia trains leaders and Conservatives to evangelize the authentic Conservative message effectively in various communities.

Felecia is the Founder and Visionary of The Conscious Conservative Movement. Our mission is to help Beloveds build social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles.

Felecia is also the Founder of My Beloved Women's Ministry. Her mission is to deliver advanced teachings related to Kingdom principles, book publishing, and building national platforms in this new decade. Her empowering lessons will show women how to bring their God-focused message to millions each year.

By focusing on spiritual laws and principles, Felecia demonstrates how we will see life-changing results in our homes, communities, and nation.

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